Thursday, October 8, 2009

Positive Thinking And Owning A Business

Your life is about what your thoughts say about you and that is true of your business. Have you ever heard of the idea that if you have a dog, it's behavior is a reflection of who you are? That's so true also of your business. So when things start to go bad I can very well blame the economy (thus thinking I'm powerless over the forces that be) but I choose not to do that. Yeah the economy is horrible, yes sales are way down, yes I get very depressed over the whole money issue but there are businesses surviving and doing well even in this economy.

Problem solving is a great tool. It's looking at the solution and not the problem and I do believe that all problems have the perfect solution. I started my problem solving with my business with myself and my attitude towards who I am and what that means for my business.

One of the main issues with failing businesses in my opinion is the attitude of the owner. We need to ask ourselves what does our belief systems say about us and our business and success. If you have a healthy belief system in who you are and in your abilities to run a business, deal with success, people and money then you should very well be on your way to a profitable business. I know that's a blanket statement and I'm assuming you have done your homework and know that the product or products you sell has a market and your pricing is right.

I bring to my business my ideas of who I am and my capabilities as a person and business owner. Here's where my business starts to reflect who I am, it can't help itself to do that because of what I believe to be true about myself.

I can think up all positive thinking affirmations but my belief system says "NO, that's a lie, this is the truth" But actually most times our belief systems are the lie especially if it's a negative thought pattern about who you are. In my opinion no amount of forcing positive thinking affirmations will take root unless the lying belief system is uncovered and eradicated.

Are you struggling with your business? If so then ask yourself the hard question what do you believe about you and your business. Be honest with yourself, write it down, journal about it. Then if you realize there are some thoughts that need to be changed I recommend reading Norman Vincent Peales books. He has a common sense approach to this problem.

Here's some beliefs that might be hindering your success.

You're not good enough
You're stupid
You're lazy
You're not good with numbers
No one in your family did well in business
You don't have the time
The economy's bad
You're too young
You're too old

You get the idea. With a paper and pen find a quiet place, close your eyes and just ask yourself "what do I believe about myself and my business" then start writing.

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Marie. said...

This is great. Something I really needed to read right about now... I'm thinking of giving up on making jewelry but I know I really dont WANT to.

Linda Nigro said...

I know how you feel I also have wanted to quit but I just couldn't. Hang in there and I wish you much success.