Wednesday, December 26, 2007

It's Finally Over!!

Hi Folks,
Christmas 2007 is behind us and we can start thinking of other things like Valentines Day.

I'm getting ready!! To redo my window of course for Valentine's Day. My goal is to create a fun funky place to shop. I want fun I want people to come into the store to love what they see and smile and be happy. Isn't it wonderful when someone says to you "you have such a great store, I love it" That really makes my day and it keeps me going to make it even better.

Because most of my Valentine soap products will revolve around chocolate I'm doing a brown and pink color scheme especially for the window. Brown and pink is popular right now and I think it will draw passer-by's eye. A visit to Joann Fabric yielded me the perfect fabric to do the back drop, brown. Which will hang from the ceiling. I haven't done this before for the window. It will block you being able to look into the store but I think that might be good, you know curiousity!! So as the brown not to look drab and depressing in front of that will be some type of curtain of hearts. (hearts on strings or ribbons) and have some great things but still I'm not sure.

So I have till January 2 (that's decorating day) to come up with my idea for Valentine's day decoration. Something a bit more than just hearts and flowers.

Mail just came in and with it my catalog. They aren't just a balloon company and they have some cute things I might use for my decorations.

Well till next time and would love to hear your ideas!



Joy Logan said...

Thank you for the comment on my collages on my blog! It is so exciting to hear positive input from others. You sound very creative to me and also a boost to others. You may want to try a journal with collages and remember no one sees them unless you want them to. Let the collage guide you with images or words,it will tell you when it is done.

Joy Logan said...

Oh and hey you "own a shop" that has always been a dream of mine.

Carola said...

Owning a soap/bath stuff store myself (although in norhthern Europe)it's so much fun reading your comments on decorating, getting people to find your store and everything else that is part of my everyday life too. I just thought I'd leave a note to let you know that I love your blog!