Tuesday, March 23, 2010

What Do Prosperous Retail Stores Have That You Don't?

Prosperous retail stores have a synergy at work that creates their success that includes the following:

Marketing and Advertising Plan
Great Products
Appealing Displays and Atmosphere

Now having a great location is very important but if you don't then success can be achieved if your other elements take up the slack.

Not enough money for marketing or advertising then you might get away with that if you use the dollars you have creatively and also if your location is great.

Products, you need what the customer wants and plenty of it, you can't get by with less.

The most important element to this synergy is display and atmosphere. You could have a great location, lots of advertising dollars, wonderful products but if your place has an unpleasant look then your customer isn't moved to buy nor come back.

How does your store measure up? Is synergy working or is there a disconnect at one or two of the important elements?

Lets talk again and next time I'll focus on the importance of creating a story (atmosphere) in your store that encourages your customers to buy and come back to visit.

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