Monday, October 20, 2008


Our loaf soaps are sold by the slice usually for that individuals use. Now that the holidays are fast approaching I thought I might offer some suggestions on other ways to sell our loafs.

Pictured here is a half a loaf of soap. You could also just cut your loafs into thirds. The slice was cut for the sake of the picture. Added a ribbon and a bath brush viola you have a great gift set. Outlet stores usually have great deals on bath accessories. Another idea is go to an outlet store like T.J. Max and look for bamboo cutting boards. Add your half or third of a loaf to the board, with a dinner knife. (I like going to salvation army and getting the more fancier silver knifes) Wrap it all up in cellophane and you have a great gift idea. This will look so special on someone's bathroom sink.

Another great place to find some inexpensive bathroom accessories is the dollar store. You can get bathroom holders and scrubbies and more there. Use your imagination to come up with some great ideas combining things to make it a great gift.

What I might add to the loaf would be

Loofah (dollar store has them)

nylon scrubbie

cutting board

soap dish

bath brush

pretty wash cloth or hand towel.

If you should decide to do this wrap your loaf up with some cellophane or saron wrap then attach your item.

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