Saturday, January 12, 2008

A Different Type Of Advertising!

I was thinking about my first store I had in the 80's. I remember being able to sell the thing I loved first before anything else. This kept happening and it impressed me. I think I realized then that because I liked an item my talk of it would show my excitement. My excitement would then excite my customer and then a sale! So with this I felt that my opinion on items in my store were regarded as important by my customers.

So I was thinking about this today while I was showering using our Loofah Boat soap. Now the Loofah Boat soap is my favorite. I love this soap! Here is a soap that makes you feel great. I lvoe this bar because the loofah when you use it on your skin makes you feel awake and alive. I used that first bar till the very end. Now when a customer comes in looking for something I'll be sure to tell them about how much I love the Loofah Bar. I'm sure that I'll sell quite a bit of Loofah Boat. Now you know how thoughts travel and build into other areas. So I realized that my wholesale customers should be offering a sample bar of soap to their sales team. Get them to try the soaps. Let them have from first hand experience of this and then this way they actually know what this soap is like. Now they may really love it (and I think they will) and then they can't help but to tell your customers. We love to sell what we love.

Now I can hear you saying thatit's just another expense that you can't afford, but I think it's not an expense but an investment, a marketing advertising investment. This is a marketing idea that will increase sales.

Try this with one salesperson and keep track of the amount of sales that person has with the soap.

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